Selected Seminars



How can we reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while minimizing the risks it poses to society? I argue that we already have many of the tools we need to regulate AI. But some aspects are very different.

ai & the future of work

This EmTech 2017 talk describes my research on mapping how AI and automation may impact the labor market in different cities, by unpacking the complex structure of skills.

What moral decisions should driverless cars make?

This talk describes my research with Azim Shariff and Jean-Francois Bonnefon on the ethics of autonomous vehicles, as well as the Moral Machine Web site built by my students Edmond Awad and Sohan Dsouza.

AI & Society: Seminar with Joi Ito @ Harvard Law School

AI technologies have the potential to vastly enhance the performance of many systems and institutions, from making transportation safer, to enhancing the accuracy of medical diagnosis, to improving the efficiency of food safety inspections. However, AI systems can also create moral hazards, by potentially diminishing human accountability, perpetuating biases that are inherent to the AI’s training data, or optimizing for one performance measure at the expense of others. These challenges require new kinds of “user interfaces” between machines and society. We will explore these issues, and how they would interface with existing institutions.

Making social networks work: Seminar @ ATLAS Institute, UC Boulder

How is social media changing the way social networks solve complex tasks? And what are the physical and cognitive limits of these networks? This seminar summarizes my work on this topic at the University of Colorado, Boulder's ATLAS Institute.