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ten Representative Papers

M. R. Frank, M. Obradovich, L. Sun, W. L. Woon, B. L. LeVeck, I. Rahwan (2018). Detecting Reciprocity at Global ScaleScience Advances, Vol. 4, no. 1, eaao5348
[Paper] [Media: Nature Middle East]

J. W. Crandall, M. Oudah, Tennom, F. Ishowo-Oloko, S. Abdallah, J.-F. Bonnefon, M. Cebrian, A. Shariff, M. A. Goodrich, I. Rahwan (2018). Cooperating with MachinesNature Communications. Vol. 9, Article No. 233.
[Selected Media:  ScienceThe RegisterLa RepubblicaMIT Technology Review, New Scientist, Inverse, Le Monde]

Frank, M. R., Sun, L., Cebrian, M., Youn, H., & Rahwan, I. (2018). Small cities face greater impact from automationJournal of the Royal Society Interface. 15(139).
[Paper] [Video: EmTech Talk] [Selected Media: MIT Technology Review, New Scientist]

J. F. Bonnefon, A. Shariff, I. Rahwan (2016). The Social Dilemma of Autonomous VehiclesScience. 352(6293):1573-1576.
[Paper] [Selected Media: TEDxCambridge TalkNew Yor Times (1)New York Times (2)Wall Street Journal,Washington PostScientific AmericanTimeCNNThe GuardianGizmagWiredLA TimesIEEE Spectrum,ForbesWashington PostBBC RadioHuffington Post (live interview)New York MagazineIndependentMIT Technology ReviewPopular Science, The Atlantic]

N. Stefanovitch, A. Alshamsi, M. Cebrian, I. Rahwan (2014). Error and attack tolerance of collective problem solving: The DARPA Shredder ChallengeEPJ Data Science. vol 3, no 13, pages 1-27.
[Paper] [Media: WiredNautilusUCSD Press Release]

A. Rutherford, M. Cebrian, I. Rahwan, S. Dsouza, J. McInerney, V. Naroditskiy, M. Venanzi, N. R. Jennings, J.R. deLara, E. Wahlstedt, S. U. Miller (2013). Targeted social mobilization in a global manhuntPLOS ONE 8(9): e74628
[Paper] [Selected Media: MIT Technology ReviewNew ScientistNatureScientific American]

I. Rahwan, D. Krasnoshtan, A. Shariff, J. F. Bonnefon (2014). Analytical reasoning task reveals limits of social learning in networksJournal of the Royal Society Interface. 11(93).
[Published Version] [Selected Media: Royal SocietyDaily MailLive SciencePhys.orgInterview with Azim]

A. Rutherford, M. Cebrian , S. Dsouza, E. Moro, A. Pentland, and I. Rahwan (2013). Limits of Social MobilizationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 110 no. 16 pp. 6281-6286
[Paper] [Selected Media: NBC NewsABCLa RepubblicaArabian GazetteGulf TodayThe National]

G. Pickard, W. Pan, I. Rahwan, M. Cebrian, R. Crane, A. Madan, A. Pentland (2011). Time-Critical Social MobilizationScience. Vol. 334 no. 6055 pp. 509-512.
[Paper] [Selected Media: MSNBCPopular MechanicsMIT NewsScience News

I. Rahwan, F. Zablith and C. Reed (2007). Laying the Foundations for a World Wide Argument WebArtificial Intelligence, Vol 171, No 10-15, pages 897-921
[PDF Preprint], [Published Version]